Building Canada 2020 OSMGeoWeek Mapathons

From November 10 - 20, 2017, Canadian colleges, universities, and organizations participated in Building Canada 2020 (BC2020) mapathons for OSMGeoWeek! BC2020 is a community-led project to map all building footprints by 2020 on OpenStreetMap (OSM). Click here to learn more about the project. The mapathons educated students how to map buildings with OSM tools. Participants armchaired mapped Canadian regions that are not represented in OSM and do not have a open building footprint dataset that can be imported. You can read more about the BC2020 mapathons here.

5,758 buildings were added to OSM by 126 contributors.

To see the contributions, click on one of the buttons to zoom into the mapped region and then move the time slider:

Zoom in and check the buildings! The satellite imagery may not match the imagery that was used for the mapathon, so focus on the quality of the building (e.g., Are the buildings not squared? ), not the positionality. See a bad building? Click on a building to be directed to the iD editor.

Developed by Julia Conzon